Digger-1 is a subsidiary of Riley Electric Co., Inc. , and is the number 1 light pole supplier and installer. We can do complete installations of sports lighting, parking lot lighting, roadways, and more including Drill Shafts, Pressure digging, underground piping, wiring, and cable. We can provide pre-fabricated pole bases or custom built concrete foundations. We also offer light pole and sport lighting maintenance on new or pre-existing installations, or off loading of heavy equipment, generators, and A/C systems. Digger-1 company can build any size concrete foundation specific for your needs, and more! With our experienced technicians and the expertise of Riley Electric Co., Inc. Digger-1 is the only one who can handle your pole setting and lighting needs! E.E.O.




Drill Shafts, Foundation Installations, Concrete, Steel & Wood Poles

Pressure Digger & Auger Holes up to 60"

Runway, Roadway & Sports Lighting

Lighting Maintenance

Heavy Equipment On & Off Loading

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        727-507-8848, Out Of State 877-DIGGER-1


State License #EC13001284

State DOT Certified



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